Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stand Out for Democrats This Weekend

We will be hosting our stand-out this weekend since the weather looks to be much nicer than it was last weekend. The standout will take place on Saturday starting at 8:00 AM and will go until 10AM. We will meet in the new Walgreens parking lot and if you can make it for any or all of the standout please email bridgewaterdems@gmail.com.

We currently have signs for Sen. Kerry, Rep. Flynn and the Vote No on Question 1 campaign. If you would like to bring Obama signs that you have or wish to make some homemade ones, that is fine, as well. We could have some Obama signs delivered by then, but no guarantee. We hope to also have some signs for Plymouth County Treasurer Tom O’Brien.

Any Democratic candidate wishing to join our standout is more than welcome to attend. Please email bridgewaterdems@gmail.com to confirm your attendance.

Thanks for your attention and we hope to see you Saturday morning.

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