Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shea Announces Run for Plymouth County District Attorney

Marshfield attorney John F. (“Jack”) Shea has announced his candidacy for Plymouth County District Attorney. Attorney Shea, a Democrat, will run in the November, 2010 election, in hopes of becoming the next Plymouth County District Attorney.

“My experience as a career police officer and former Assistant District Attorney will bring a unique blend of experience to the position of District Attorney.” “I will bring a hands-on, common-sense approach to the application of the law in Plymouth County.” “We need to take our streets back from the criminal element that are running the neighborhoods and return them to the good, hard-working people.”

Shea’s experience includes serving as a Police Officer for over thirty years and then as an Assistant District Attorney in Plymouth County. Over the years he has received numerous awards for “Commendable Performance” from the Marshfield Police Department; which include the apprehension of a suspect who had been assaulting officers with a hand gun and stopping an attack on a young woman by a mentally disturbed man, among others. Shea stated that perhaps his fondest memory was his having assisted in the delivery of a breach-baby.

“I’ve seen and dealt with people who have committed criminal acts, both as a police officer and a prosecutor, which gives me a good perspective” he said. “I’ve dealt with the victims of crime first-hand at crime scenes and in a Courtroom setting, as well as having been the victim of attacks myself.” “It is one thing to read about it in a police report, it is much different to have experienced it first-hand” Shea said.

Shea, who is running as a Democrat, said that he considers among the top issues to be gun-related violence (such as been seen recently in the City of Brockton), drugs taking over the County, the educating of emergency service workers to recognize and deal with Veterans issues such as PTSD (through the implementation of programs such as those which have been put in place by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office), making sure that Pedophiles do not “fall through the cracks of the system” and the protection of our senior citizens. He looks forward to working closely with local police departments in evaluating more cases for indictment. Shea is also the only candidate committed to keeping the District Attorney’s Office in downtown Brockton.

Shea has received the endorsements of the Plymouth-Bristol Central Labor Council A.F.L.-C.I.O.; the Police Commanders Association Local 376 and the Police Dispatchers Association Local 376A. Shea is also a member of the Massachusetts Police Association and the Plymouth District Bar Association.

Shea grew up in the Green Harbor section of Marshfield and now resides in Marshfield with his wife.

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