Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ballot Initiative: Signatures Needed

A Bridgewater Democrat has received approval from the Attorney General's office on a ballot question hoping to make the ballot. As you know, 70,000 signatures will be needed to get the question on the ballot. 
The ballot question seeks to amend current state law relative to the Do Not Call List to include Telefundraisers. The current law exempts both charities and telefundraising companies. Under the amended law, charities can continue to solicit donations by telephone (as can political groups and parties) but the telefundraising companies will be prohibited from soliciting if the donor/prospect is registered with the state's Do Not Call registry.
If you would be willing to be mailed a signature sheet (or a couple) please let me know and I will mail them out to you with a return envelope. If you have any questions, please respond and I will have the proponent respond to you.
If you are interested in a sheet, please email

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