Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bridgewater Democrats Endorse Nick Bernier for Governor's Council

The Bridgewater Democratic Town Committee voted at their August meeting to endorse Nick Bernier for Governor's Council. Bernier is running in the Democratic Primary on Thursday, September 6th.
Bernier graduated from Coyle Cassidy High School in Taunton, completed his undergraduate studies at Boston College and his advanced law degree in Taxation at Washington University in St. Louis. 
Bernier is a Swansea resident and an attorney who has passed both the Rhode Island and Massachusetts Bar and practices taxation law at the Providence law firm LaPlante Sowa Goldman. 
"Many people do not realize how important the role of Governor's Council is within the state," noted Bridgewater DTC Chairman Dennis Gallagher. "Serving as the purest check and balance on the Governor's nominations for judgeships, it is essential that we have a competent and professional person serving as our Governor's Councilor to ensure that the judiciary has the best of the best serving the state. Nick Bernier will bring a thoughtful, educated and fair approach to the office and will serve our district well."
Gallagher also notes that one of the main reasons as to why the Bridgewater DTC unanimously endorsed Bernier was given the commitment to the district he has already shown on the campaign trail. "Nick has criss-crossed the district from Bridgewater down to New Bedford and from Raynham to Martha's Vineyard educating the voters on the importance of the office of Governor's Council and what he intends to bring to the position that is so dramatically lacking currently," said Gallagher. "There is really no one who has worked harder to win this office in recent history."
The Bridgewater Democratic Town Committee urges all Bridgewater residents and residents across the district to join them in voting for Nick Bernier for Governor's Council on Thursday, September 6th. For more information about Bernier, please visit his website at

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