Saturday, October 27, 2012

A vote for Warren is a vote for transit and ATU

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren stands with bus drivers, mechanics, and other transit workers and that is why ATU is standing with Warren. ATU Locals across Massachusetts have been holding rallies, handing out leaflets, and attending other events across the state in support of Warren. Check out this ATU flyer in support of Warren.

This Massachusetts Senate race is critical to the balance of power in the Senate. Warren, a friend of Local 589, organized labor and working families, will provide Massachusetts transit workers and unions with a strong voice in the Senate.

Warren’s opponent Scott Brown has proven a foe to unions. After receiving the support of many in organized labor in the 2010 special election, Brown turned his back on unions with his first vote going to opposing President Obama’s choice of a union attorney Craig Becker for the National Labor Relations Board.

“Elizabeth Warren recognizes the importance of public transit and the critical role public transportation plays in Massachusetts’ economy and for students, seniors and people with disabilities who rely on mass transit each day,” says ATU International President Larry Hanley. “Warren will be a strong voice in the Senate for transit workers and working families. Ten of thousands of passengers ride Massachusetts transit each day and that is a powerful block of voters that can impact the outcome of this critical election.”

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