Monday, April 15, 2013

Tea Party Sullivan

We're only days away from the Special Election Primary on April 30. We're proud of our two Democrats and the work they both are putting in across the Commonwealth to earn your votes.

On the other side, Republican frontrunner Mike Sullivan is racing to the nomination with the help of the National Tea Party. Tea Party Sullivan is the most conservative candidate the Massachusetts Republican Party has put forth in a long time. Recently, the Conservative Campaign Committee, a Tea Party organization FORMERLY known as the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, began producing television and radio ads for Sullivan. The leader of this organization, Lloyd Marcus, who has thrown his full support behind Michael Sullivan, has in the past publicly railed against gay activists, calling them "outrageously aggressive" and "vicious and hell bent on focusing all of us... to say their behavior is normal."

So how does Lloyd Marcus believe his Tea Party views will best be represented in Congress? By sending Michael Sullivan to Washington.

Last November, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama. Mike Sullivan is promising to work his hardest to obstruct President Obama's agenda. We will NOT allow a Republican Tea Party candidate like Mike Sullivan go down to Washington and cancel out Elizabeth Warren's votes. We as Democrats have the better ideas on infrastructure, creating jobs and growing the economy and that is clear in this race.

Right now, we need your help. Last week, we released a video highlighting Sullivan's association with the Tea Party and we launched a website to highlight Mike Sullivan's Tea Party support.

Send this video to your email lists and post it on Twitter and Facebook. Spread this news far and wide. Massachusetts can, and will, do better than Tea Party Sullivan. So let's get to work!

Watch video HERE.

John Walsh, Chairman
Massachusetts Democratic Party

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