Monday, August 12, 2013

BDTC Meeting Notes of August 7, 2013

Meeting convened at 7:10 pm with 8 in attendance: Dennis Gallagher, Mike Spagone, Howard Cutter, Greg Lee, Myrna Westgate, Russell Hess, Kevin Bligh, and Mary Pendleton

Treasurer’s Report:  $460.72 in checking account. Motion to approve was passed.

Secretary’s Report: Motion to accept the July 7th meeting notes was passed.


a.       Pasta night – scheduled for Friday, Oct. 18th, at the Portuguese Hall.  A   motion was made and passed to sell tickets for $20 each. The tickets will read 5:30 – 9:00 pm. (Hall rental is from 4-10 pm). We will invite announced candidates hoping they will take the opportunity to say a word or two on their behalf.  Also, we will try to get a commitment from Congressman Lynch.  If we can, his name will be on the ticket.  Also, 20 year members of BDTC will be recognized.
b.      Membership gathering/appreciation – will be held Sept. 7th (rain date, the 14th) at the Hunts between noon and 3:00 pm.  Greg, Mel, and Gina are working on a list of members, current and past, who will be invited.  Some will be emailed; others will be sent a mailed invitation.  All are asked to bring a dish.
c.       Autumn Fest – Sept. 28th between 10 – 4 pm.  We will have signs and flyers to encourage registered Dems to join us.  Also we will be selling the pasta tickets for Oct. 18th.
d.      Scholarship check – still outstanding from  the town treasurer.

New Business: The Plymouth County Democratic League Chairman resigned

Adjourned – 8:13 pm
Notes submitted by Mary Pendleton

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