Monday, April 7, 2014

Leading the Nation in Clean Energy

Massachusetts is leading the nation in clean energy and energy efficiency. Not only do we have a great record of decreasing our state fossil fuel emissions, but we are investing in innovative green technology practices. We are attracting clean energy tech companies to our Commonwealth, and we are creating clean energy jobs right here in Massachusetts.

Our Green Communities Act is working; a recent report projects that it will result in $1.2 billion in economic benefits, 16,000 jobs and a decrease of 31 million metric tons of fossil fuel emissions. In 2006, Massachusetts had the capacity to produce 3.5 megawatts of solar power. Today we can produce 464 megawatts of solar, enough to power 70,000 Massachusetts homes.  Massachusetts-based nonprofit Green Schools, has joined our STEM education efforts to engage over 200,000 students in clean energy and technology programs to better prepare Massachusetts’ youth for our future energy climate and workforce needs.

Thanks to Governor Patrick, Democratic leaders in the legislature and our wonderful activists, Massachusetts is creating innovative energy policy that will have both economic and environmental benefits for generations to come.

But as always, we need your help to continue to push your communities forward. Is your community eligible to become a Green Community? Should you consider putting solar panels on your home or business?

To continue to lead and innovate, the Commonwealth needs everyone engaged and at the table.

John Walsh
Executive Director
Together PAC

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