Saturday, June 20, 2015

Equal Pay is a Right

Equal Pay isn’t a privilege. It’s a right. Women should not be making less than their male counterparts in the workforce when they’re putting in the same day’s work.

Massachusetts has always been at the forefront of the fight for equal pay. In 1945, we were first in the nation to require it, and that was 70 years ago.

I have been fighting to get equal pay for equal work passed at the federal level. I cosponsored historic legislation to bring us closer to pay equity. And 52 years ago this month, President John F. Kennedy signed the federal Equal Pay Act into law.

But we’re not where we need to be. Radical Republicans in Congress continue to block efforts that would close the wage gap for good, dismissing the problem and holding women back.

Join my Democratic colleagues and me in renewing the fight for equal pay. Sign the petition today.

Women make up more than half of our workforce. Families are relying more heavily on women’s income to make ends meet. And yet as we rely on women more, they continue to get paid less.

This inequality doesn’t only affect women. It hurts our economy. It holds families back. It makes it more difficult for folks to pay their bills, let alone save for retirement or for their children’s education.

In today’s day and age, wage discrimination is entirely unacceptable. And while Republicans claim to care about the economy, they turn their backs on equal pay for equal work.

Join me and my Democratic colleagues in calling for equal pay for equal work. Sign the petition today.

Together, we can make the gender wage gap a thing of the past.

Thank you for your help.


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