Saturday, April 23, 2016

Current Additional Positions on DSC

At the last Democratic State Committee meeting on April 2nd an amendment was passed to add 4 elective positions (2 Female & 2 Male) to the Representatives of those with Disabilities.

The reason behind this notification letter is that most recently (in my role as 1 of the 2 Representatives  of those with Disabilities)  I was asked by various DTC Chairman when it came to my attention that word of this vote, (though delayed somewhat has been now sent out to all DSC members) of these newly announced and soon be elected (which I was recently informed) will take place at the DSC meeting this coming May 7th, even though notice of this action had not been received by either the DTC, City or Ward Committee Chairman, who along with our elected or appointed DSC members represent (our very society) I which I believe is the very heart of our Democratic Party!!

Therefore (and I know the timetable is a tight one) to not only to notify you of this action by the Party (though I know a good deal of our DSC members are trying their best to get the word out) but to ask for your assistance in this matter to also get the word out of these newly created openings to not only our DTC, City and Ward Committee members BUT any additional registered Democrats  that you may know (whether Committee members or not) who in my personal opinion by either their knowledge, experience or personal attributes can only add to our State Party through their election to these newly created positions!!

Let me provide you some vital information to you that will I feel will be of assistance to you in this request for your help:

·     Due to gender balance each newly created position is open to only 2 Female and 2 Males, though please approach any amount of interested individuals ( for the more the merrier)  Have them contact you and the State  Party Office at (617) 939-0800 of their interest in being elected to either of these positions.

·     The election will be taking place on May7th  at 10AM in Newton at the American Legion Post 440, located at 295 California Street, Newton 02458.  Attendance at this scheduled meeting to be elected to fill these positions is mandatory for each candidate.

·     You don’t need to be a seated member of any City, Ward or DTC (only a registered Democrat).

·     Each candidate will be provided a chance to address the elective body, the amount of time for each speech is set by the Party, (My time to address the body in my election on April 2nd was limited to 1 minute).  This speech will allow each candidate a chance to inform the body on their personal qualifications to fill the newly created positions.


Sincerely Yours,
Robert S. Cassidy
Mass. State Democratic Party
Male Representative for those with Disabilities
(508) 429-5685 or

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