Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Take the Bus to the Boston March for Science

Saturday, April 22nd
Take the Bus to the Boston March for Science

BUS DEPARTING: D'ANGELO'S in Brockton (739 Belmont St.) at 11:30 a.m.

Members of Resistance United on why they are supporting the March for Science
Maria Fortes, "Massachusetts has set clear goals to address climate change. Without funding scientific research, we will fail to deal with the problems that go along with climate change - rising seas, lengthier droughts, and extreme natural disaster events. It is science technology, engineering and mathematics that will lead the way toward addressing these issues. We must dedicate resources to these fields if we intend to win."

Pattie Garrahy Robertson, "Our goal is to engage and facilitate virtual and real time actions focused on magnifying our voices and resources to political action and prioritized progressive causes. We have formed and continue to form breakdown groups called Huddles concentrated on such causes to ensure execution and action orientation. One of our key causes is the Environment (Climate Change) and we are proud to join our sister resistance groups today in Resistance United as we demand that our political leaders and policy makers enact evidence based policies in the public interest."

Ian Tompkins, “As a community strongly affected by the ongoing opioid epidemic in America, we support the use of evidence based and proven methods used by the national and international community to prevent and reduce the use of deleterious substances. We also support innovation in the fight against drug abuse, and seek to improve the means by which we rehabilitate these members of our society, make our communities safer, and improve people’s lives.

Richard Drolet, "Within the past several weeks, President Trump’s EPA Chief Scott Pruit overruled his own agency’s scientists to refuse to ban the use of “chlorpyrifos” manufactured by Dow Chemical which is known to cause brain damage in humans! This is why we need to rely on science to save the lives of our people and to save our planet! Allowing Dow Chemical to profit of our illnesses and deaths is clearly wrong, but the Trump administration doesn’t want to interfere with their ability to make profits off our misery! "

Jim Pimental, "A few years ago, the former owners of the Brayton Pt. Power Plant decided to close a plant, a decision that led to the loss of hundreds of good paying jobs and millions in lost tax revenue to the Town of Somerset. As the plant nears permanent shutdown, the Somerset Democratic Town Committee strongly urges the plant's current owner to work as cooperatively as possible with Somerset to redevelop the site into a hub of clean energy. We also urge the company to work with the displaced workers as much as possible through this difficult transition."

Chris Boerl, "We join with Resistance United to support the March for Science because we realize that for coastal communities like ours, sound, scientific research supports the foundation of our economy and culture. We are cleaning up New Bedford harbor, studying fish populations, monitoring water quality, cleaning up our beaches, saving the whales -- all of these initiatives are put in jeopardy when research is denied because of a political ideology and scientific study is disregarded and undermined. We will not allow this to happen and so we march because we are the Resistance, United.”

Haim Gal Moore," We are concerned about the public financing of research. Science touches everybody every day. Our society runs on good science. Every advancement, every technology we use, and many decisions are made because somebody cared enough to invest in it. A divestment from funding of the sciences is dangerous, not just in the short term, but would be devastating to the economic growth of the country, something that students rely upon. Democracy works best when people are involved, and part of being involved means sharing your values. This march is an opportunity to send a loud and united message that fact-based policies and funding for research are valued by the people."

Deb Fastino, "Based on the need to band together more than ever, Grassroots groups that popped up in response to the election have come together with local Democratic Committees and Community Groups to form Resistance United. Today we are supporting the science community that uses evidence based research to fight back against lies, fabrications, and misrepresentations now known as alternative facts. "

For more information contact:
Coalition for Social Justice, Deb Fastino: 508-982-3108
Indivisible Southeast Mass, Maria Fortes: 508-415-8385
Marching Forward, Pattie Garrahy Robertson: 401-641-2477
New Bedford Democratic City Committee , Richard Drolet: 508-801-2881
Our Revolution Southeast Mass, Ian Tompkins: 508-677-8263
President of the Biology Association, UMD: Haim Gal Moore: 617-851-6318
Somerset Democratic Town Committee, Jim Pimental:508-677-7358
We Won't Go Back New Bedford, Chris Boerl: 774-444-0303

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