Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why I'm Running by Bob Massie

You and I know what it means to call Massachusetts our home. We are recognized by the world as a “Commonwealth” because we know that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

That's why I am running for Governor—because it’s time to renew our commitment to making Massachusetts a beacon of hope.

At this vital moment in history, when we have a president who is actively damaging our constitution, we are charged with fighting for core American values such as freedom, inclusion, and democracy. In the Democratic Party—the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, and so many other progressive innovators— we must stand shoulder-to-shoulder and confront our state’s deep structural failures. To make progress in the decade ahead, we must face these problems with honesty, lay out a compelling vision of where we want to go, and then act boldly.

This article from the Boston Globe clearly explains why I made my decision to run. Today, inequality of wealth and opportunity continue to damage too many of our communities. Working people are being forced to work harder and harder for less and less. Our dependence on fossil fuels has damaged our ecosystem and cost families, small businesses, and communities billions of dollars that should be put to better use. And our failure to move forward on building truly modern transportation, education, and health care systems is undermining our prosperity.

I spoke about these issues at length with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan in this interview for WGBH Boston Public Radio last week. They are the bedrock issues of my campaign.

Massachusetts needs a Governor who can draw a road map to fix our most complicated problems. I know how to do this. Throughout my life I have brought people together to do things that were thought to be impossible, as the leader or founder of powerful national and international organizations like Ceres, the Global Reporting Initiative, the Investor Network on Climate Risk, and the New Economy Coalition.

This amazing profile by Columbia University professor Todd Gitlin chronicles my background and achievements. Working with groups from around the globe, I took on the world's biggest corporations and successfully pressed them to measure and disclose their impacts on workers, human rights, climate change, and the environment. Together we succeeded in driving sustainability straight into the heart of our corporate economy.

My approach to campaigning is simple. I am traveling to every corner of the state. I am listening to your concerns and suggestions. I know that our strength as a state comes not from the decisions of the few, but from the intelligence and creativity of the many.

I am pleased that a good number of Democratic leaders like you have already decided to support me. If you’re ready to help me and my team at the Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention on June 3 or in the future, please contact me directly at or visit my website — — if you would like more information or would like to make a donation.

What we do—or do not do—in the months ahead will determine the health and strength of our Commonwealth long into our children's futures. We owe it to them to give it our all.


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