Saturday, July 30, 2011

US Senate Candidate Tom Conroy in Bridgewater

United States Senate candidate Tom Conroy will be visiting Bridgewater as part of Tom's 600-mile walk across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Date: Tuesday, August 2nd

Time: 10AM

Location: Better Bean Coffee Shop (23 Central Square)

Tom is a third-term State Representative from Wayland and this summer has kicked off his campaign to defeat Scott Brown. Tom is not seeking endorsements as part of this walk and instead is using the walk as an opportunity to listen to and learn from the people of Massachusetts, to hear about and come to understand their concerns and hopes with the goal of being their voice in the U.S. Senate.

When Tom was elected to the office of State Representative in 2006, he unseated a long-term Republican to win his seat but he is not about drawing lines in the sand; he is about drawing people together to solve problems to to build community.

To track Tom as he walks across the state, please visit

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