Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Town Committee Nomination Papers Available

Nomination papers are available today to run for Bridgewater Democratic town committee!

Being elected to town and ward committees is an excellent way for individuals to get involved with Democratic politics at the grassroots level. Members of town and ward committees promote the objectives of our Party; work for the nomination and election of our candidates; and represent Democrats at the neighborhood level.

Candidates for town and ward committees can pick up nomination papers from the Secretary of Commonwealth Elections Division office or your local town clerk’s office. If your town clerk does not have the papers, the Secretary of Commonwealth’s office will mail them to you. You can reach them at 617-727-2828.

The Secretary of State has made available the Ward and Town Committee Elections 2012 Pamphlet to assist those in the election process.

If you have questions or need any assistance in your elections, please don't hesitate to contact Marcus Starr or Chris Joyce at Party headquarters at 617-939-0800.

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