Thursday, January 10, 2013

Protecting Our Military Installations

Last week, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act which sets the priorities of how funds will be allocated for defense installations across the country. I am happy to say that through the hard work of our Congressional delegation and the Commonwealth’s Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force, which I chair, we have avoided most of the potential job cuts and mission reductions that were on the table at the beginning of last year.

Our bases have a unique military mission and add great value to the important national security work going on in our country and Commonwealth. Like you, I greatly value the more than 46,500 men and women who serve in military and civilian positions on our bases. Each base invests in our communities and are very important to the Massachusetts economy when it comes to jobs and innovation. The Task Force is currently working on identifying more opportunities to address the needs of each base and making continued progress.

While we know that the federal budget and deficit situation will require cuts in military spending, our goal is to ensure that is done in a logical and strategic manner and does not disproportionately impact Massachusetts and New England.

To read more about this recent development and how it affects Otis Air National Guard Base please click here:

As always, thank you for your support with this and other issues.


Tim Murray

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