Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Take Part in President Obama's National Day of Service

President Barack Obama has announced that there will be a national day of service on January 19, 2012:
- Created to honor the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr.
- National Holiday with a focus on serving our communities
- Opportunity for organizations to educate their communities
- Opportunity for community members to get involved
- Annual call to action that was reactivated during President Obama's first Inaugural Celebration

Local Democratic Committees are encouraged to host an event for the National Day of Service. There are a number of options here:
- Host a specific stand-alone service event.
- As a committee send a team to a service event.
- Add a service component to your January meeting.
In 2009 the Westborough DTC had a service event that was a food and clothing drive at a member's home. We had coffee and refreshments available and folks were encouraged to socialize. It was very successful. The publicity provided by OFA allowed us to reach people beyond our usual group.

If you have a project that is ready to go, please send the information, including the limit of number of volunteers that you can accommodate, to Jayson Joyce at 508-776-7476.

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